Auto Accidents

best-syracuse-auto-accident-lawyerYou didn’t plan to be injured an auto accident- now what?

After an auto accident your life can be turned upside down.  You may not be able to work, or perform your usual activities, you may be faced with a financial burden, and the stress of filling out claim forms and understanding what options are available to you.

The Insurance Companies are not on Your Side 

Their job is pay as little as possible. Our job is to get you what you deserve. You want someone who is on your team, with knowledge and understanding of what assistance is available to you and will work in YOUR best interest. Don’t do this alone.

Call us or CONTACT US ONLINE. Consultations are free and we will visit you at your home or the hospital. 315-701-2939

How We Can Help

When you choose us to represent you in your personal injury matter due to an auto accident you are assured to get:

  • Someone to listen to your situation and understand YOUR point of view so they can best represent your interests.

  • Someone with EXPERIENCE working with insurance companies to answer your questions regarding your rights, claims, medical exams, and what to expect during the process of handling your personal injury case.

  • Someone that will respond to your questions immediately and update you every step of the way so you will always know where your case stands.

Most personal injury matters are handled on a contingency fee basis- so there are no fees to you unless you recover monies. Certain statute of limitations apply to automobile accidents, so don’t wait to get good advice.  Call us. 315-701-2939.

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