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What is Medical Malpractice?best-syracuse-medical-malpractice-lawyer

The law holds healthcare providers to a certain standard of care, when a breach of that care causes harm, you have a right to be compensated.  Most medical malpractice cases are extremely complex.  It is most important that you seek an experienced TRIAL LAWYER to handle your case. Call us or CONTACT US ONLINE. The consultation is free and we will meet with you at the Office, your home or the hospital.

best-syracuse-medical-malpractice-lawyerSome ways Medical Malpractice Can Occur:

  • Hospital or Medical Negligence & Mistakes

  • Failure to Treat, Diagnose/Misdiagnosis, Medication Error

  • Surgical Mistake Injuries/Improper Amputations

Medical Malpractice cases do not settle easily.  Healthcare providers and the insurance companies that represent them vehemently defend their cases and deny any wrongdoing. This is why it absolutely necessary that your attorney approach every single Medical Malpractice case as if it will go to trial.  The use of, and knowledge of where to find the best medical expert witness is required to have a successful outcome in your case. Choosing the right attorney is essential.

Please call us 315-701-2939 or contact us online. We will review your case for free and if we represent you, will do so on a contingency fee basis- which means no attorney fees unless you recover monies. Certain Statute of Limitations apply to Medical Malpractice cases, so don’t wait to get good advice.  Call us 315-701-2939.

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