What is the Divorce Process Like in New York?


What is the divorce process like in NY?

Some divorces are simple and can be handled with a minimum amount of court involvement.  However, most divorces are complex and involve many issues.  The following is a basic outline of the divorce process…

Your lawyer will prepare a complaint setting forth the reasons for the divorce.  The complaint is filed with the court and served on the other spouse.  The parties, through their attorneys, engage in a period of “discovery,” during which they exchange all documents and other information relevant to deciding the issues in the divorce such as property division, spousal support, and child support.  During this process, the parties may reach a settlement with regard to all of the issues in a divorce.  If a settlement is reached, an agreement is submitted to the court.  If the judge approves the agreement, the court issues a divorce decree that includes the terms to which the parties agreed.  If the court does not approve the parties’ agreement, or if there has been no agreement, the case will go to trial.  At trial, the attorneys present the evidence and arguments for both sides, and the court decides the issues.  If no agreement was reached and the case proceeds to trial, the parties can appeal the court’s decision to a higher court.

Divorce is a complicated process.  Our trial experienced Family Law attorneys at Weisberg & Zukher will take the time to talk with you to ensure that you understand all of the factors involved in your divorce, and work with you individually to prepare a sound legal strategy to ensure the best result possible in your case. For more information on how we can help Contact us by using the link or by phone at 315-701-2939.

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