Insurance company says I don’t need a lawyer…

best-syracuse-personal-injury-lawyersIf you have had an automobile accident, you’d like to get your vehicle repaired and “back to life” as soon as possible. We understand that and insurance companies know this. Since most lawyers offer a free consultation  for personal injury cases , it won’t hurt to ask over the phone.  Admittedly, we have a bias against insurance companies and what they might tell you.  This bias is based on our knowledge that no matter how nice insurance adjusters sound on the phone, they have one goal in mind above all others–to pay you as little as possible… I often hear clients with offers much lower than they should be tell us “The insurance agent said I don’t need a lawyer”.

Insurance companies do not work for you.  They rarely help you figure out your legal rights, and may not fully understand them.  They rarely give you a fair assessment of the value of your case.
If your injuries are significant, there are several reasons why a good lawyer can help you.  When you hire a lawyer who is willing to take a case to trial, value is added to your case in a number of ways.  A good lawyer will seek every category of damages that applies to your case, and find ways to support those damages with evidence that will be admissible in court.

The threat of trial itself adds to your bargaining power.  Make no mistake: the insurance company knows that it’s almost impossible to take a case to trial on your own. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you want someone on your side working for you. CALL US at 315-701-2939 or CONTACT US ONLINE

There is a time limit on which one  has to make a claim for personal injury and these vary by state and the type of case. If you feel like you may have a personal injury case, its important that you contact a knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible so that they may review your case, and if a claim is to be made, do so within a timely manner. Insurance companies will often attempt to get a person with a personal injury case to settle as quickly as possible before they contact an attorney and often times, those people may have underestimated the true value of their case without proper and experienced legal counsel. Our office reviews all personal injury cases for free, and our personal injury attorneys all work on a contingency basis. If you are in the State of New York and have further questions about Personal injury or feel you have a personal injury case, please CONTACT OUR OFFICE through our website or call our office at 315-701-2939

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