Do I really need a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

best-syracuse-traffic-defense-lawyerThis is a common question. I mean, isn’t it just easier and more cost effective to mail the speeding ticket in, pay the fine and go on with my life? I was just speeding after after all, I’m not exactly a criminal! At first glance that may be so, but after much consideration one may find that having a lawyer to handle their traffic tickets may actually save them more money and time than the fees…

Your time has a certain value to it. Often when hiring an attorney, a client may not even have to appear personally in court. Your lawyer can appear for you, negotiate for reductions or dismissals, and speak with the DA on your behalf. If you do need to appear in court, those with an attorney have their cases called first, saving you from a long wait in the courtroom. If you have ever spent several hours in traffic court, you will surely appreciate that!

Often times, with reductions comes reduced fines. In addition, in New York State, the number of points against your drivers license may cause increased auto insurance premiums. So, the few hundred bucks you may spend for a lawyer to defend you traffic ticket may be well worth the investment when you consider time, fines, and insurance rates.

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