New York Gun Laws

New York Gun Laws simonov / / CC BY On January 15, 2103, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the “NY Safe Act” which bans semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols purchased after Jan. 15, 2013 that have more than one prohibited feature – such as a pistol grip, a folding … Continue reading

How to Help Your Personal Injury Case

How to help your Personal Injury Case We know that you thought that once you signed the retainer agreement your work was done. Well that’s true in a way. The first good move in ensuring the best possible outcome for your case is hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, but ongoing … Continue reading

Can I Make My Spouse Pay for Divorce in NY?

Can I make my spouse pay for divorce in NY? Well, as with most legal answers, that depends. It depends primarily on if you are considered the less-monied spouse. Along with the legislation that allowed NY to become a no-fault divorce state, was another bill signed by the Governor, A7569-A/S4532-A. This … Continue reading

What is the Divorce Process Like in New York?

  What is the divorce process like in NY? Some divorces are simple and can be handled with a minimum amount of court involvement.  However, most divorces are complex and involve many issues.  The following is a basic outline of the divorce process… Your lawyer will prepare a complaint setting … Continue reading

Men as Victims of Domestic Violence

Men Domestic Violence Victims Another thought-provoking question from the Krock family of listeners. A gentleman called the show on Tuesday, with this dilemma: His girlfriend who was a relatively reasonable person by day, was not as much when adding alcohol. On occasions after drinking, she would become extremely aggressive; often times … Continue reading

Increase or Reduction in Child Support in New York

Increase or Reduction in Child Support in NY Child Support Modification is generally requested for two primary reasons; 1. A significant change in Financial Circumstance. 2. A change in the child’s living arrangements. In New York State, if the prior order is more than 3 years old or the non-custodial … Continue reading

What is a Family Court Order of Protection?

 What is involved in a family court order of protection or a family  court offense petition? In order to obtain an order of protection from family court you must state that a “family offense” occurred. Many actions can be considered family offenses, such as when a person verbally, physically, emotionally, … Continue reading

What Happens When a Party Fails to Pay Child Support?

When a party fails to pay child support in New York, the custodial parent may file a “violation petition” asking the court to take action against a non-custodial parent who fails to pay a support order… A hearing is then held to decide whether the respondent has violated the court’s … Continue reading

Child Support Calculated

 How is child support calculated? When parents live separately and one parent has custody of the child, that parent, called the “custodial parent,” may file a petition in Family Court asking the court to enter an order for the “non-custodial parent” to pay child support. A child who is not … Continue reading